October 9, 2004 - Redneck Festival (the Tennessee game)

Bill tips back a jello shot (fortified with Golden Grain).

As we drink, we add our "Knoxville Champaign" (Pabst) to the wind chimes.

Brendan reads to Kelsey.

Its just after noon, by now, judging by number of chimes.

The spread. Check out Ginger's tub of "Mud" - complete with a spade for serving.
Behind is Kara, Nick, Jay, Melissa, and Brandon.

Kara sitting on Nick.

We found that bottles have a better tone as the breeze passes through them.

The final product, which garnered quite a bit of attention. I'd guess I saw 4-5 people we don't know take pictures of them.

Well, it didn't look diagonal at the time...

The new 75th anniversary (of Sanford Stadium) logo. Sanford is the second-oldest NCAA stadium in existence.

"The Redcoats form the Arch, hallowed symbol of the University and the state."