October 2, 2004 - UGA vs. LSU

On the way to the game, Jill takes a picture of her toes. The silver polish turns red in the sun. For when they are not red, she has the Georgia "G" to show her pride. What a woman!

We arrived in Athens before 9am to tailgate for the 3:30 game.

Of course, the menu had to reflect the game; hopefully the french/cajun theme was obvious.

Carey holding Kelsey.

Kelsey normally loves her chair. She just wants to be held.

Now she's happy.

(Clockwise, Bill, Sue, Joe, Bridget, Brendan, Ginger.)

(Clockwise, Mom, Jill, Carey, Donna, back of Sue's head.)

Jay Donalson (in shades, looking at the camera) and crew. I believe it is Brandon to Jay's left. Them Melissa, Nick, Kara, and Kevin.

Bill and Melissa. (Watch that hand, buddy!)

I'm a proud, proud uncle. Of all the beverages at the tailgate, Kelsey picks the Barcardi Select black rum.

Finally game-time. The Redcoats perform pregame.

After the halftime show, the band congregates in the endzone to play for the fans. Look at all that beautiful silver! (I believe we have 29 tubas, though only 27 are pictured.)

The scoreboard says is ___ finally proposing to his girlfriend, Brooke Elizabeth Garrett. They'll be married in the Chapel with their reception at Trumps (just like me/Jill). Notice it is still the halftime score of 24-10, UGA.

Kelsey enjoys the game.

Then maybe gets a little tired, since it was not very close. (It was still exciting to the rest of us, though!)

With the Dawgs up 38-10, the forth quarter starts.

No fat lady singing; just the Redcoats playing "Glory!"

The postgame tailgate as we wait for traffic to die down. The menu is much smaller, but the quiche is still warm. So are both kinds of sausage. The fruits and veggies are still cold - and we have lots of WATER to rehydrate!
(Clockwise - Jill, Carey, Bill, Steph, Ginger.)

Jimmy and Donna.