August 21, 2004 - Central American Cruise Day 6 & 7 (Cancun, Mexico and At Sea)

In Cancun, we went to the Interactive Acquarium in the mall, La Isla.

At the aacquarium, an eager stingray clings to the wall and splashes to be fed.

Hey there!

Someone else gets lowered in an acrylic box into a tank of 12' bull sharks and 5' black-tip reef sharks.


A group before us plays with the Dolpins.

Some kid gives a dolphin a hug.

Scared lady pets a dolphin that swims by.

Someone before us gets "the dolphin push," which we did later.

One dolphin gets behind each foot and propels you through the water at 10-15 mph. I don't know how fast, but they push you across the pool so fast your entire body comes out of the water (up to your calves)! We do this ourselves, but don't have any digital pictures to show you.

Jill and I walked around the mall afterwards.

We had lunch at a quaint restaurant.

Insert Mulcay photo-op statement here.

A final view of Cancun before we dip into the water...

...then head to be ship.

OK; one more view.

Later that evening, they had the Chocoholic Buffet. Some pictures of the coolest chocolate creations.