August 25, 2004 - Central American Cruise Day 5 (Belize City and Lamanai, Belize)


Heading through Belize city to get to the countryside...

On the northern outskirts of Belize City is a tribute to Central America's equivalent of NAFTA. (I forgot what it is called.)

Traveling north on "Northern Highway," we cross the Belize River.

We drive along the Belize river for a while.

Iguana. (Sorry about the glare.)

Jill in front of apparently-wild hibiscus.

Us posing in front of a straw roof in front of the New River, on which we are about to ride.

See the little light brown spots on the tree stump?

Shh... They're sleeping bats.

Funky bird showing off.

Termite mound built in a tree over the New River.

A crocodile takes refuge from the hot sun under the trees and bushes along the river bank.

A boat similar to ours passes us.

The river is rather shallow - and has mucho seaweed and stuff on its bottom.

A baby jacana hops on the lilypads. Its mother appears to have been eaten by something.

Check out the lilypads...

The top of Mask Temple of Lamanai rises above the trees...

A family of four howler monkeys hangs out in the trees above us.

Cool banyan tree.

Devil's cactus hanging off a tree. They look like snakes when they hang off a limb over your head...

The Jaguar Temple at Lamanai.

View from the top of Jaguar Temple.

Carey on Jaguar Temple.

Jill in front of the namesake Jaguar head. (C'mon, you could tell it is a Jaguar, right?)

There are so many temples here that they are not all uncovered, yet.

Another family of howler monkeys.

This grasshopper was about 8 inches long.

The main temple.

An example of the paths we were walking on.

Erin and Jason turn for a quick shot. They don't looke hot and sticky at all! How do they do it!?

Jill and Carey at an allspice tree. (I thought it was a mix of spices, not a single "allspice.")

The mask of Mask Temple.

Yes, that is the original tin roof of Mask Temple.

Our guide shows the proper technique for massaging the nose prior to picking it.

Jill and her dad in front of the Mask.

Returning to base.

Back on the ship, the delightful Sora dances with Kelsey.

Yeah, I was blindfolded for a line-dancing contest - the Electric Slide to the tune, "Elvira."

Gettin down!

Down to my last competitor... I ended up winning the dance contest. Not sure if I should be ashamed or not, but I know Grim and Amanda would be as proud as my family, since we've closed down a country bar with them twice now...