August 24, 2004 - Central American Cruise Day 4 (Roatan, Honduras)


Roatan's port of Coxen Hole.

We hired a taxi, much like this one, to take us around the island.

The wreck of an old lumber ship at Dixen Cove makes the beginnings of a new coral reef.

Shipwreck #2 - a steel ship.

The Honduran countryside.

This is one of Dale Jackson's houses. He has the two nicest places in Roatan. He is running for mayor.

Typical homes along a river.

The aforementioned rich guy's uncle has his own Hearst Castle, complete with small antelope and peacocks.

The taxi driver took us to a resort area outside French Harbor where only Americans are allowed. It is still under construction, but it is beautiful!

Freaky snakish fish in the water...

Mangrove trees.

The road out of the resort.

Views of houses and the oceans from the mountains of Roatan.

Bill and I stop for a local beer. Its name meant 'Life Saver' in Spanish.

They build houses on stilts right on the water. Actually they are IN the water. (Yes, that is a house.)

Our ship from afar.

A last glimpse of Honduras.