August 21-22, 2004 - Central American Cruise Day 1 & 2 (En Route and At Sea)

Kelsey poses on a bull at Houston-Hobby.

She's not so sure about it.

First lunch on the boat. Kelsey meets her twin sister...

...and gives her a kiss.

Jill poses on the 8th floor's aft deck.

Jill and I pass the atrium on the way to dinner.

A little excitement at the second dinner... The ship suddenly stops and makes a sharp left turn. A capsized boat with 4 Honduran fisherman was spotted bobbing hundreds of miles from anywhere. They are rescued and kept aboard our ship until we reach Hondouras, two days later. (They had been stranded for 14 days, living off rainwater and some provisions from their boat. They had major burns, but all four survived.)

Kelsey takes Loredana on a walk around the 7 Seas Restaurant.

In all, they walked around 4-5 tables.

(Loredana and her friend.)

Towel animal #1. They made various animals with the evening's towel deliveries. The swans and rabbits were discernable. This one looks like I pissed off a mob boss and they just left a head in my bed...

Joe "Barbara" McMahon and I continue the tradition.

We sing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" as a duet.

I'm on my knees at the end, proclaiming how he never sings me love songs... any... more...