August 2-5, 2004 - Salt Lake City (for Maverik Country Stores)

-------------------------(first day - August 2, 2004)-------------------------

A view of the mountains next to I-15 on the way to the hotel.

First thing: dinner. Went to the top-rated steakhouse on Fantastic steaks!

It was in a mall that was recently rennovated, having been a Union Pacific railway depot (like Underground Atlanta, but much nicer).

The architecture here is amazing. I wandered aimlessly around downtown Salt Lake City and found this house(?).

The Utah State Capitol (with a 'neck brace').

State Capitol from the other side.

This is the 'City and County Building' - looks like a church.

The University of Utah is in downtown Salt Lake City. It is a sprawling campus with an apparently free public golf coursein the middle.

This is their Stadium. Home of the Mountain West Conference's Utah Utes.

On the left is the 2002 Olympic torch.

Sunset from campus, overlooking the mountains and the entire city of Salt Lake.

Random building. Looks like Bellagio in Vegas, minus the lake.

Even their courthouse is pretty...

-------------------------(next day - August 3, 2004)-------------------------

Headed north from Salt Lake into the mountains. Took a pic of a 75 mph sign.

Not knowing if the first picture would come out, I took another.

And another... The main thing is the mountains in the background and the plains in the foreground.

Before I knew it, I had gone 90 miles and was in Idaho.

The mountains up there are a little higher and a little rockier.

The exit and entrance ramps on I-15 in Idaho (and northern Utah) have cattle guards. Actually, I don't know if it is for the cattle or for the deer. There are all sorts of horses and cows (even longhorn steer) on ranches all along I-15.

There are also sunflowers on both sides of the interstate (and in the median) in southern Idaho and northern Utah.

Back in Utah.

Another sign.

Stopped by a Maverik Country Store (the client, the reason I'm here) on the way back.

You think I'd put 87 octane in my rental when they have 85?!?

-------------------------(next day - August 4, 2004)-------------------------

Salt Lake City skyline and the mountains to the east.

Turning east on I-80, I headed towards the mountains and Park City. (Can you see where the interstate goes?)

The interstate weaves through the mountains.

The mountains west of Park City.

Echo Reservoir, at the corner of I-80 and I-84.

You can't see the boaters or jet-skiers, but they're out there.


It is hard to tell how big these hills are, but those are not bushes, they're trees...

At 85mph, it takes no time to get to Wyoming.

(in case the first shot of the sign didn't turn out.)

The "River Walk" in historic downtown Evanston, WY.

This is the "river." Notice the restaurant in the background with the creative name.

This place scared even me. Cows DO love guys named Dave, but what the hell is custom meat?

Bronze buffalo. Cool.

Something reminded me of Jill...