July 30, 2004 - Girls' Weekend in NYC

Ahh... my Ladies Liberty...
Cathy and Steph try on new hairpieces at the Empire State Building giftshop.

Looks like one of those toys you get a Spencers with the metal prongs that you push your face against and and it retains the shape...

Three hot chicks in NYC and I'm stuck in the ATL.

Heather and Jill pose for what kinda looks like the fourth take of this shot.

Time to move the pre-trowdown posing to the bed.

Voulez-vous couchez avec moi, se soir?

"Hold on. Let me just toss my purse aside for the camera. OK; cheese."

Is this building swaying to the left or is it just me.

Time for our closeups, Mr. DeVille.

Umm, Heather...? Tag's showing.

Word to you mothah.


Sometimes, I like to gather around chicks and stare at my own chest... (Looks like Steph heard me say that.)

The cleavage twins pose in front of the bar. Is that a sign of things to come? Hmm....

Where is that hand going, Jose?

All the chicks together for a pciture that seems to have surprised at least one of them...

OK, you girls be nice. I'm being candid!

And this sign says "WALK!"

Hot stuff.

Because you can never get enough ABBA!

The chicks do Times Square.
"Hey, where is that naked cowboy guy, anyway?"

"Did you hear about that new pirate movie? Its rater 'Arrrrrr!"

For brunch the last day, Jill meets up with a fellow UPSer, as if by fortunate accident. (...get it?)