July 25, 2004 - Tubing in Helen, GA

Jill and I met her family (her parents, Amy/Bill/Conner, Jackie/Jimmy/Stacey/Kelley, Nan and Jere) in Helen.

For those who haven't been (mostly for those not from GA), it used to be a little town no one went to. However, long ago, someone had the bright idea to "theme" the town to attract tourists. The Bavarian style "Alpine Helen" is wildly popular - especially in the fall where you can take part in Oktoberfest, but can't walk around with a beer, so it really isn't that great a festival - just loads of people.

It is really quaint every other time of the year.

It is mainly souvenirs, fudge/candy apples, etc. However, there are some bratwurst houses, etc.

We went tubing down the Chattahoochee River. (We are 60 miles north of Atlanta, so the river is somewhat clean here.)

They bussed us a couple of miles upstream, where we got into the rather nippy water.

We were not the only ones, but the river really wasn't crowded. We struggled with the decision of floating down individually, where we would get separated and couldn't talk - and tying our tubes to each other, where we occasionally managed to block up the entire river.

Then it was time to change. What better place than a parking lot?!?

Look how tan the Con-man is!

On to Unicoi State Park for a picnic.

Then to watch Conner play in the creek.

After Conner gets in the creek with his clothes/shoes on, Amy decides it is a good time to put his swimsuit/shoes back on.

Conner finally gets in deep enough to feel it.

"Dad, when I get old will by butt look like that?"

Playing to the crowd of family gathered on the creek bank, Conner sticks his head in the water.

(not sure.)

"I found a rock."

"I'm so proud of my rock."

"I think I'll name my rock Herbert."

Conner: "Don't be jealous, people."
Bill: "You ain't getting this shot of me."

Nice tan line, little man!

(Outfit #4 for the day...)

Time to get the new outfit dirty!