Kittyhawk XXVI (July 17-24, 2004)

On the way to Kittyhawk, NC from the Newport News, VA airport, we stopped by to see Jay Jump in Virginia Beach.

Sunday first morning at the beach, John (J) takes Chris out in his life jacket.

Kelsey taking after Aunt Jill (moving packages a la UPS).

Monay morning, the John Scheris take Tommy and Chris down to the water.

Kelsey shows off her new beach ensemble.

Then she starts to miss mommy.

A camera bag makes a nice distraction.

John J. and Chris diggin' themselves a hole.

Jill, Eulalia, and mom play with Kelsey, Chris, and Tommy. (Kelsey is not so sure what that little guy is doing with 'her bucket.' She doesn't know it is his bucket.)

Tommy and I play trains.

I have to get my train out of the way to avoid a "TWAINWECK" (or "DEWAIL").

Chris and Poo.

Kelsey with her beachy whale dress.

Kelsey plays trains (kinda).

What a sweet face!

Tommy and I play trains again.

well... I was spinning the lower car (the coal car) on the magnet that holds them together. Really, in person, it is exciting. Well, Tommy thought it was cool, even if it makes a funny picture.

Aunt Caroline reads to Kelsey out on the deck.

Tommy and Chris check out the track Jill and I made while they were napping.

After the blue train twainwecks, Tommy moves on to Donald and Douglas, the black trains.

Uncle John and Aunt Martha hold Kelsey, Tommy, and Chris.

A flock of no less than 45 pelicans!

Terri, Chris, John and Tommy return from their walk.

Tommy(?) and Chris(?) "show wings," by exposing the arm-webbing on the pajamas the Ayers gave them.

Uncle Tad reads to Tommy(?) and Chris(?).

Eulalia plays viola for Chris, Tommy, and Kelsey.

Favorites were "The ABC Song" (which C&T sang along with), "Jesus Loves Me" (for which Chris requested an encore), "She'll Be Comin' 'Roud the Mountain," "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Kelsey eats some of Aunt Jill's blueberries on Tuesday morning.

Tommy makes a mess of his after-lunch cupcake.

Chris makes a mess, too, but couldn't keep up with brother.

The Tuesday crew. (Eulalia's boyfriend, Ben, was only there on the weekends; Paul arrived Wednesday afternoon.)

Jill and I hold Chris and Tommy before we head to the aiport for the flight home.

Aunt Jill gets one last Kelsey-fix.

The Newport News Middle Ground river light off the I-664 James River Bridge in Virginia.