2/27/04 - Alaskan Winter Trip, Day 1

On the way to Fairbanks, we first connected in Utah. These are the mountains around Salt Lake City - large, but they are simply dwarfed by the Alaska Range.

The sunny Alaskan coast near Anchorage.

We had the obligatory "suitcase marathon," but this time it was icy. You cannot see the snowflakes, which the locals did not consider real snow - but light flurries. (The AJC would have called it "The Blizzard of 2004.")

Nice legs, Jill!
We finally got to Fairbanks and had out first taste of Alaskan King Crab (in Alaska, that is), at Pike's.

Jill, standing on the frozen Chena River, on the way back to the hotel.

We saw a snow drift by the hotel.

We both posed.

Then we played... Jill fell into the snow up to her knees.
Time to go in, dry off, and got to bed. I did set the alarm for every few hours to go out and look for the lights. Too many clouds. No dice.