GymDogs Tailgate, 2/8/2004

It was a brisk February morning... UGA took on Oklahoma -

at Stegman Colusem, in Athens.

Rich, in his glorious spats and my white dinner jacket, meets David, the travelling logical mathematician from Brisbane, AUS.

Kevin gives his best matre d' impersionation as he holds 6 "Lumberjack" sausages.

Rich poses with his sausage.

Rich again, with his prize for winning the first hole of skins play - the banner from Llamarama(R) II..

We pose with Jason's prize for winning theh second skin - the Llamarama(R) III - Oktoberfest poster.

Rich and Wendy sporting their best red and black. (maybe not their best, but at least it IS red and black...)

The GymDogs make their entrance.

Rich shows off his 2-hour old pizza, recently acquired from the girls sitting next to us.

(Being fed pizza.)

Abagail decides she wants my pepperoccini (or perhaps she really wants something up and a little to the left).

Jason pretends to feed a carrot to a rabbit, but the carrot is a pepperoccini and the rabbit is a Kevin.