December 19, 2004 - The Lights of Lake Lanier Islands

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Amy and Bill's place in Reunion, decked for the holidays.

The limo arrives.

Connor checks out the ride.


And Conner gets passed around...

(He hates all the attention.)

Then Amy gets passed around.

(She hates all the attention, too!)

"Oh, uncle... UNCLE!"

So glad Nan recovered quick enough to join us. We should have known she would have!

Bill, Jill, and Stacey.

Conner, thinking the limo was like a ride like at a mall, hands the limo driver a quarter so he keeps going...

A view from the front of the limo.

Amy, having a good time.

An hour later, Conner hands the limo driver another quarter.

After seeing the lights, we stop at Santa's Workshop to roast marshmallows.

Oh my god... is Bill's hair imperfect? (Not to worry, risking pneumonia by getting his head wet in 20 degree weather, the marshmallow was out within a few minutes.)

Towards the end of a long, but VERY fun night, Bill samples some Brandy.