After all the Christmas hubbub, we went down to Rosemary Beach, FL. (Above is the Rosemary Town Hall.)

We walked around Rosemary. (Photo op in front of one of the Rosemary boutiques.)

(The West Green where John and Karen [Flaig] were married.)

(Our first glimpse of the ocean, from the boardwalk.)

The white beach and blue water were gorgeous, especially with the reflections from the afternoon sun.

We saw a banana flower and fruit in someone's yard, hanging over their fence.

(Example of local architecture...)

(Other houses at Rosemary...)

So I played in this tennis tournament...

...I didn't win, but at least I looked great!

We flew a kite... Bill surveys the beach before deploying "Sharky."

Come on Bill, get it up!

There you go!

We fed the gulls Doritos.

Jill got brave and joined me.

Jill looks great in front of a large example of local art.

The Christmas lights at Rosemary were gorgeous.

We drank a little wine... (Dead soldiers pictured.)

We watched a little football...
Then we went home to celebrate New Year's 2004.