So we went to Mythos for New Year's.

Evidently the waiter, Boris, had more interest in Jill than me...
He gave us each shots of Ouzo. Nasty stuff.

Jill started with flambeed shrimp and cheese and I had octopus.
Then we had lamb chops, shrimp, and a whole dorado fish (with head, eyes, etc).

Then came the belly dancer.

She did a dance with fire, but luckily it was not near us.

She DID get near us this time, but it was a little scary - stuffing dollar bills down the skirt of some chick with my WIFE taking pictures. Odd. Seriously - check out the belly on that dancer!

Then the party started. Champagne at midnight, then Rula, the owner's wife, took Jill by the hand and started some Greek line dance. There were dollar bills on the floor, but no one was picking them up, so we just danced on them. We were the only caucasians in the place, so it was a little awkward, but still - good times.